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Traditional Sketch Commission
MSTH OC - Needs a name! by BloodLust-Carman
Blaize and Draco sketches by BloodLust-Carman
Dragon Prize 3 - Closeup by BloodLust-Carman
Ink sketch on paper of whatever character you desire.  If you want it mailed to you that will be a separate transaction and the price will vary depending on where you live.
Digital Sketch Commission
Realism: Lion Snarl Lineart by BloodLust-Carman
Ar'Luc - Kaiden by BloodLust-Carman
Vilhehn COMPLETE by BloodLust-Carman
Acorn Woodpecker Dragon by BloodLust-Carman
A sketch drawn digitally with a drawing tablet.  Flat coloring is optional.
Custom Designs / Adoptables
Whether you want an original or existing creature, fantasy or realistic, I can help.  My specialty is character design!
Basic Colored Traditional
Shira's redesign by BloodLust-Carman
Duminica by BloodLust-Carman
Hamada PREV by BloodLust-Carman
Spirit Guardian Nemesis by BloodLust-Carman
Oro by BloodLust-Carman
Boy And His Lion by BloodLust-Carman
Character of your choice inked and colored in prismacolor markers.  Your choice of detailed bust (shoulder up) or full body.  Can be mailed, but it will be a separate cost, and will vary depending on where you live.
Digital Painting Bust
Luscious by BloodLust-Carman
Haus Profile by BloodLust-Carman
Carman Speedpaint by BloodLust-Carman
Tari Profile by BloodLust-Carman
As the examples show.  Shoulder up digital painting of whatever character you ask.
Full Body Digital Painting
X by BloodLust-Carman
Comes with optional simple backdrop like with the example given.
Charcoal Drawings
Sad Pig Gloss by BloodLust-Carman
Self Portrait by BloodLust-Carman
Giraffe by BloodLust-Carman
These are poster sized by default.  Note about other sizes.  Can be mailed, regardless of size, which will also be discussed and priced separately.  I will also spray them when they're officially completed to help preserve the charcoal.  I would suggest having some of your own preservative spray if you have any charcoal work in your possession, as they may all need sprayed over time.

Please note about smaller sizes, as they'll most likely be cheaper.

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Mute Whispers ~ Aleyda

Kiriban at 50k! 

4 deviants said Send me yo screenshots!
1 deviant said Winner(s) get a colored traditional sketch!
No deviants said and 10 points cuz I'm cheap


Carman / Corynne
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Okay so, I do too many things, and have so much going on. No more listing them here. I do everything art related. Pretty much literally everything. If I haven't yet, I will at some point. That's what I do. I want to make a living off of this, but we'll see how that goes.

I also love YouTube. Too much.

List of things in life include: All the art, all the animals. Always. I'm also making a game!

I love horror, videogames, music, art, animals, weird and freaky things real or not and pretty much everything that makes other people turn their head sideways in confusion.

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I'm pretty sick. UPDATE 1.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 23, 2014, 10:05 PM

DISCOUNTED COMMISSIONS | Art for Me | OC and Creature References | Freebies | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Livestream

Also feel free to message me via professional e-mail,


I think I have a kidney infection.  I've been drinking tons of water but it's not doing much.  Only strong pain meds are helping, otherwise I'm bed ridden.  Sooo, tomorrow (hopefully) I'm heading to urgent care so I can get help.  If I'm right, they'll run a bacterial culture test and in a few days I'll get some antibiotics and be right as rain before long, I hope.  I have no idea how long it'll take to cure, but it's curable.  Let's just hope it's nothing worse than that.


Thanks to my mass amount of faves and the watch I got recently.  I was absent a few days because of sickness and don't have time to thank anyone individually.  As part of that, commissions are coming slow.  I don't know what's up with me right now but it may include hospitalization if it doesn't stop.  I've been sleeping most my days away and struggling to keep up with my online courses.  On top of that, I have internal pain in my left side that comes and goes.  If I don't eat enough normally my only worry is dizziness from low blood sugar.  Now it's crippling pain in my side.  I also am in and out of the bathroom like 500 times a day (exaggeration, but seriously, it's not a normal amount).  So, basically, I may need a trip to the doctor or possibly emergency room soon.  One morning I woke up with the pain in my side so bad it felt as if I had been shot and to my dismay I was unable to go to the doctor or hospital, but a huge ibuprofen masked the pain enough for me to eat and go back to sleep.

I've been trying to keep on top of artwork - especially commissions - but I can't keep myself awake for very long, and most of my awake time is spent on chores and school if I can even manage that, so I'm struggling.

I'm also eating like a bear.  I'm always hungry and thirsty. :c

Long story short, I'm going to be working on things when I can, but I'm a bit of a zombie right now and my life mostly consists of FEAST... sluuumberrrrrrr.... BAAAHHHhhhhzzzzzzzZZZZZzzz.... so yeah.  I'm sorry.

Wish me luck on hopefully not needing an emergency room!

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